The Lush company is offering financial support to researchers working
on alternatives to using animals in medical research. See
It is open to researchers from anywhere in the world. See more in News above.

The National Health and Medical Research Council is the main funding body
in Australia for medical research. While it has been slow to fund alternatives to using
animals it is making up for lost time. In 2018, 1046 grants were given out totally $793.3 million.
The majority do not involve animals. There are many in epidemiology (e.g. child health,
infectious diseases), in genomics and biotechnology, clinical human studies (tick bites. Three million
was recently awarded to study the consequences). There are calls for proposals
in nutrition and healthy aging in Aboriginal and Torres Strati Islander communities.
See for all the details on which grants were successful, what the
recipients received and how to apply. There are also more statements on the web-site
about animal ethics than before. However the oversight is handed over to Animal
Ethics Committees rather than being dealt with as part of the grant process
which would be desirable at least on the issue of replacement.

The Medical Advances Without Animals Trust (MAWA) offers Doctoral Research Scholarships and
other financial assistance to researchers pursuing alternatives to animal studies.
It is the main funding body in this area in Australia after NHMRC.


The following organisations will lend educational resource material:

*Humane Research Australia Inc.
200 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy, Vic. 3106.

InterNICHE (international Network for Humane Education)
Loan Program 19 Brookhouse Avenue, Leicester LE2 OJE, UK

Altweb 'the global clearinghouse for information on alternatives to animal testing'.

EURCA 'European resource centre for alternatives in higher education'

Animal Ethics Infolink